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1030 Ball Street
Perry, GA 31069

Acres & Oak Kitchen has a rich history that began in Macon, Georgia, nearly 30 years ago. What began as a small catering business, turned into a community loved bakery and then evolved into the business you know and love today with a diverse selection of family-style meals. While a lot has changed over the years, the heartbeat of the company has remained the same- serving our community with delicious food and exceptional service.

Our story began in 1993 when Allison and Chris Carroll, known as Dooga and The Duchess, established their home-based catering business in Macon, Georgia. By 1997, the first retail store was opened selling the popular casseroles to go, thus changing the name to The Casserole Shop. Only a few years later in 2001, the business would relocate to the growing North Macon location on Forsyth Road, where our Macon location still operates to this day.

Our next chapter would begin in 2010 with a new owner, Tonya Sadler. Tonya’s greatest desire was to expand the comfort food choices and services for the loyal customer following. Caroletta’s Cakes, a local cake business, was bought and blended into The Casserole Shop in 2011. Our bakery offerings would now included caramel cakes, cheese straws and wafers and our award-winning wedding cookies. As demand grew for these sweet and savory treats, so did the need for additional baking space. In 2014 we expanded our footprint on Forsyth Road and opened a full-service bakery to include donuts, custom cakes, and many more sweet tooth delights.

In 2019, the torch was passed when Tonya’s son, Evan Acres, purchased the business and thus a new journey began. While Evan is committed to serving the Macon community for years to come, he, along with his wife Erika, also had a vision for growth- to see this beloved business planted in other communities. To serve other communities. In March of 2020, the doors were opened to our second location in beautiful downtown of Perry, Georgia.

When 2021 rolled around another big change came to the business- a new name. Prior to 2021 the business operated under the name “Casserole Shop” for nearly 22 years and underwent a complete rebrand. The leadership within the business felt strongly that the business was so much more than casseroles and that it needed a name that reflected that. After much discussion, planning and dreaming, Acres & Oak Kitchen was born, with “Acres” representing the family that owns the business, and “Oak” representing the dinner table. Thus, the new name means “Family Table.”

It is our desire to continue serving our customers through remarkable service and food for years to come. Even more, it is our desire to be the avenue in which you are able to serve another.