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Imperfection is Beauty

Dec 07, 2020 04:07PM ● By Southern Bridge Inc
After taking time to select our Christmas tree and set it up in our home, I sat down to admire the beautiful tree that we were eager to begin decorating. As I admired it, I noticed a large hole with a half-foot hump sticking out of its’ side- something that had gone previously unnoticed. You see, despite the careful selection, our tree was far from perfect. All I could do was laugh. Too often we are searching for perfection and then disappointed when we do not find it. Just as I have had so many beautiful and exciting moments in my life, I have been no stranger to disappointment and imperfection. I have had my share of tears for those imperfect moments; however, I continue striving to appreciate those flawed moments. As we move into the season of giving, let us not forget that we can laugh at those perfectly imperfect moments rather than giving into the pressure of being flawless. Let us remember, as Marilyn Monroe said, “imperfection is beauty”.

S. Anni Skurja, LAMFT

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