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2 Sisters, 1 Natural Shift & an Entire Healthy Community

May 21, 2020 08:26PM ● By Valerie Rose

     The World Health Organization  states that health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. According to two strongly motivated and inspired sisters, Julie Davey and Kari Coody, health is about creating “a natural shift” by making it a priority and taking full ownership. If you are wondering what sets this idea apart from all the other “health programs” out there, then you and I have the same question and these two sisters have all the answers and then some!

    The idea behind developing A Natural Shift came from the heart’s desires of these two sisters.  Together, they have over 35 years of combined experience in health care and have seen the devastating effects of not taking ownership of your health.  They have a deep desire to create a new way by guiding others in making their health a priority and providing more than just a few “pieces of the puzzle.” They envision wellness as a whole, not simply segmented pieces, and by shifting to this view of health, one’s personal wellness would be constructed in such a way that it creates and cultivates a lifetime of healthy living. Both sisters, originally inspired by natural or holistic healing from essential oils, whole food sources, and daily movement, began to notice the need for doing more than merely focusing on one particular area and decided to take them all on, one by one. Sounds like a pretty hefty calling, right? It is and it is also what makes this natural shift like no other out there!

    Fully aware that there is no “quick fix” or “one size fits all” approaches when it comes to developing and maintaining overall health, these two sisters have taken on the task of being ready, willing and able to offer various forms of assistance to help decrease the overwhelmed, one step at a time. The various areas of support they offer include bi-annual full-body cleanse programs, educational classes on the subjects of how to incorporate more whole foods, eating healthy with a busy schedule and on the go, how to transition to natural forms of healthcare, and removing toxins from your home and personal care products.  Additional services include cooking classes offered monthly, one-on-one consultations and online courses. 

     The online course offerings include “Upgrade Made Easy: Your Plan for Better Health,” which focuses on the most important areas of health and a stepwise approach to creating lasting change. “The Sugar Addiction” is also a course offering teaching you how to overcome the sugar addiction with easy-to-implement, practical steps that actually work! In addition to the course offerings, there is an online community in which they provide guidance, support, prayer, and weekly education covering topics ranging from the daily struggles of time management, prioritizing, breaking bad habits, developing healthier habits, and individualizing each person's need for support to meet them where they are.  No subject is off limits! The community is for those looking to make the “shift” into a healthier way of living, but are overwhelmed by all of the information out there and don’t know where to start.  It’s a safe place to ask questions, receive guidance, and feel supported!

     A Natural Shift’s mission is to help overwhelmed individuals prioritize their health to create more time and energy. Both ladies are very transparent in saying that this is a spiritually led mission in which there is an end in sight. These ladies are 100% committed, and then some, to continuing to expand their community as the needs of the community arise.

     They also co-host a podcast called “Take the Upgrade,”  provide informational videos on their YouTube channel, and have plans for a live Christian Women’s Wellness Event scheduled for January 23, 2021. While it sounds overwhelming, the ladies say that is all the more reason why the “natural shift community” is the place to come and be connected to receive support to build a healthy lifestyle.

     One of the biggest frustrations they hear is that people feel overwhelmed in knowing how to discern and decide between all the vast information out there from Weight Watchers, to Paleo, to Keto, or One Fitness exercise programs from another. People often get confused and quickly frustrated trying to follow specific diets, fads or programs and that leads to comparison and ultimately feeling defeated. They begin by having those they work with take inventory of their current health and decide where they would like it to be. They are committed to meeting their community members right where they are and begin building the healthy lifestyles they desire.

      Community is without a doubt a key component to the livelihood and success of their mission and there is no stopping.  According to one sister, Kari, “When God calls you to a mission, you follow Him every day and He will lead the way.” If there was a single message that they could send, it would be that this community is an open dialogue being led by two women who recognize that God created each person uniquely by design and each for a unique purpose. These ladies firmly believe it is vitally important to honor one’s self through overall health and well-being. They are following their mission by helping others who are currently feeling overwhelmed with managing their health and helping them to prioritize by creating daily habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

    As for what the future holds for A Natural Shift, the possibilities are endless, and the mission never expires! These two ladies are not only determined, but driven to improve and sustain the wellness of the community around them. They have goals of being able to offer their assistance, programs and online access to the “natural shift community” and to local businesses (and one day major corporations across the country) extending the opportunity  and potential to join forces in creating a true “natural shift” in which daily habits create real progress resulting in lasting change.